Transparent Bodies, Submarine Roots (2019)

a composition for water in multichannel sound


At night, liquid voices rose up from the depths of the ocean.

They had sunk from the womb, straight into the pitch-black belly of the ocean, bird in hand. To survive the weight of the sea, their limbs had grown to tentacles,

entangling the seaweed, their mouths transforming into gills to breathe the water. Transparent bodies, submarine roots extending in all directions.


The sound material used in this composition was recorded at the Belgian North Sea and in & around Berlin, July-October 2018, using a variety of microphones, piezos & hydrophones.

Commissioned by Cristian Vogel for Audiorama Stockholm

Composition and Sound Design: Koenraad Ecker

Duration: 15 mins

Format: HOA3D


"Eine Rose im Landwehrkanal" is an additional piece in this open-ended series of water-works. It features the voice of Audrey Chen and is an homage to Rosa Luxemburg.

Below you will find a stereo rendition of the original Ambisonics version