Koenraad Ecker works as an artist in the fields of electro-acoustic music, sound design, field recording, performance and text.

He frequently collaborates with other artists, musicians, choreographers, performers and film makers.

In his work, he explores the tension between closeness & alienation and the dialectical relationship between sounds, the body,

the experience of an acoustic environment and the social relations contained within these environments..

He is fascinated by the paradoxical qualities of silence, the sensuous materiality of the world, the uncannyness of the seemingly mundane and the possibility of transformation.

Characterised by a non-traditional use of foley, extensive field recording, a love for electro-acoustic hybrids, voice and text, his work attempts to make the empty spaces in between things heard & seen, the trails & traces - to bring to the surface those voices which usually remain hidden or ignored, finding a delicate balance between the fragile and the visceral.

His output encompasses studio albums, stage performances, audiovisual installations, texts, music for contemporary dance & theater and sound design for film.

Over the years, he had had the opportunity to present his work in a variety of venues ranging from freezing squats to plush opera houses in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Selected activities


2011 „BDE“, composition and live performance, theatre, Walpurgis, Belgium

2013 „Oedipe“ composition for dance performance, José Besprosvany, Brussels, BE

2014 „Wasteland“, composition & live performance, Göteborgs Danskompani (choreography Ina Christel Johannesen)

2014 „A collection of short stories“, composition for dance performance, Carte Blanche, Norway

2016 „...and a spark lit the blaze“, spatial audio composition, ZKM / 4Dsound, Karlsruhe, Germany

2017 „Frozen Songs“, composition for dance performance, Zero Visibility/Dansens Hus Oslo, Norway

2018 "Tantalum River", a 3-hour hörspiel commissioned by Gernot Centre, Prague

2018 "The Heart of A Stone", a composition for stones in HOA (Higher Order Ambisonics), commissioned by Cristian Vogel for Sentralen Oslo /EAU

2018 "Transparent Bodies, Submarine Roots", a composition for water in HOA (Higher Order Ambisonics), commissioned by Cristian Vogel  for Audiorama, Stockholm

Past performances (selection)

ZKM Karlsruhe (DE), Gaudeamus Festival (NL), Göteborg Opera (SWE), STEIM (Amsterdam, NL), De Singel (BE), Bozar Electronic Arts Festival (BE), SOUP (Tokyo, JP), Constant Value (Seoul, Korea), Muziekgebouw aan het IJ (NL), Spatial Sound Institute (Budapest, HU), MUTEK Mexico & Montréal, CTM Festival (DE), Berlin Atonal (DE), Berghain Kantine (DE), Islington Mill (UK), Node festival (IT), Dansens Hus (Oslo, NO), Lunchmeat Festival (Prague, CZ)

Artistic residencies

2011-2013 nOna, Mechelen, BE

2011-2014 several shorter residencies at Pianofabriek, Brussels, BE

2012-2015 several shorter residencies at STEIM, Amsterdam, NL

2012 STUK,Leuven , BE

2013 IPEM, Ghent, BE

2013-2014 several shorter residencies at WORM, Rotterdam, NL

2015 iMAL, Brussels, BE

2014 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE (during CTM festival)

2016 Sivenlu New Media Studio, Beijing, China (with Zero Visibility)

2016 ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE

2016-2017 several shorter residencies at Ausland, Berlin, DE

2018 Akademie der Künste, Berlin


2017 Prix Ars Electronica nomination for „..and a spark lit the blaze“, spatial audio composition commissioned by ZKM Karlsruhe


2016 “Points on the Curve”, ZKM Karlsruhe, DE

2016 “Spatial audio composition”, Liszt Academy of Music Budapest. HU